Go for Parallel Processing!

RabbitFire is a parallel processing software solution that makes it easier for developers and non developers alike to build or enhance applications to run on multiple cores/processors and dramatically improve performance.

RabbitFire’s groundbreaking offering enables you to:

  • Easily switch to parallel processing through the use of a practical and efficient framework
  • Deliver very high performance
  • Focus on processing while RabbitFire honors thread constraints and handles all data synchronization buffering …
  • Understand and optimize processing using a built in visual monitoring tool
  • Speed development by taking advantage of a library of existing video acquisition and processing functions
  • Build a complete runtime parallel system quickly without programming...

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tiny for C

Tiny for C is an open-source minimalist, embeddable, cross-platform library for the C language. It features a clean and simple C API that provide OS abstraction layer for memory management, system information and setup, multi-threading and thread synchronization, timing and profiling, file and directory access, client and server network support and GUI operations.

A C++ interface is available that offer object oriented interface for the C API and covers all of tiny for C abstraction layer.

Several extensions are available that provide advanced multi-threaded profiling support, general purpose type construct, text processing, a complete GUI system and data visualization support.

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